2021 2nd International Youth Scientist Forum (IYSF 2021)
About IYSF 2021

As new energy, advanced materials and artificial intelligence are progressing, interdisciplinary exchange and integration have become an inevitable trend of the technology development in the future. The International Youth Science Forum this year aims to provide a platform for interdisciplinary cooperation and communication for young scholars to lighten academic atmosphere, encourage innovation, create cooperation opportunities and boost young scholars’ growth. With the forum based on the display of the frontiers of science, we invite well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad as well as the outstanding youth who work for science and technology to deliver academic reports. It is expected that the forum can provide a free academic atmosphere to encourage our distinguished guests to share their views, ignite new ways of thinking and harvest new ideas.

2021 2nd International Youth Scientist Forum (IYSF 2021) will be held in Xi'an Shiyou University, China during October 8-10, 2021. And four parallel sessions will be held. Welcome all young scientists, young scholars, teachers and students to participate!

1. Academic Symposium on New Energy and New Material (NENM 2021)

2. Academic Symposium on Sources and Envinronmental Protection (SEP 2021)

3. Academic Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Computer Engineering (AICE 2021)

4. Academic Symposium on Mechanical and Electronic Information Technology (MEIT 2021)

Symposium Time

October 08,2021 - October 10,2021